Tellspin's Back Story

It was late one night and I was feeling down reflecting on a failed launch from one of my previous products. I thought to myself that my next project would need to solve a problem people have. So I racked my brain for problems I've had at work.

All of a sudden an idea popped into my head. At both of my previous jobs we had out of control #support channels in Slack. There seemed to be a constant flow of @channels from support team members.

The problems they raised were sort of urgent, but certainly not urgent enough to notify everyone. Because of constant interruptions, developers shied away from #support channels. Some even left them completely, causing even more @channels...

To fix the problem, I had made simple Slack bots to allow us to rotate who was responsible to watch the #support channels and help out. My gut feeling was that surely we weren't the only ones who have had this problem.

So from my experience of solving this problem twice already, Tellspin was born. A simple way to have an on-call rotation for your Slack team.

About Dan

Hey I'm Dan and I'm the one-man team behind Tellspin. Ever since I started coding back in 2010 I've been making side projects. The most notable ones (polished enough to publish) can be seen here.

I absolutely love spending my free time building things and coding. My goal is to build something useful for someone besides myself.

I've been trying to discover for the last decade what I'm super passionate about, but I haven't really locked in anything yet. I seem to keep creating things that help make people more productive or optimize their workday, so I suppose we'll say that's my passion for now :-).

Most people describe me as smart and easy going. I see myself more as someone who can keep doing things consistently for a long time. I feel like I've never been a natural rockstar at anything. If you perceive I do something well, it's not because I am good at it, it's because I've been trying to do it for a long time.

I hope you will find Tellspin useful. Send me an email to let me know your thoughts about it. I'd love to hear from you!

Dan Willoughby