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Tellspin has custom repeating reminders!

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We’ve just released the ability to have repeating reminders with Tellspin. You can choose a limited recurrence for now. More options to come in the future!

Adding a recurring reminder

1. In the Edit/Create menu select “Add reminder”

Add a recurring Slack reminder
Add a recurring Slack reminder

This opens up the add reminder screen.

2. Add your custom reminder

There is an undocumented {{date}} variable that displays the start date of the shift you’ve selected

Custom reminder menu
Custom reminder menu

3. Click Save

You’ve done it! You’ve successfully added a reminder!

View your reminders all in one spot
View your reminders all in one spot

Written by Dan Willoughby

Hey I'm Dan. I'm the solo-founder behind Tellspin which helps dev teams respond to support through Slack. Tellspin takes the guesswork out of who should pay attention to which messages making it easier to focus. You should try out Tellspin and follow me on Twitter